Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

100% Waterproof, Windproof & Breathable offering a perfect balance of warmth and breathability

Reduced water ingress – Hydrostop silicon free elastication provides a secure fit and band Moisture control and comfort –

Merino Wool lining Additional ankle support –

Elasticated ankle and instep Secure comfortable fit –

Y-gore heel construction Prevent rubbing –

Hand linked toe closure created flat seam Guard against friction and reduce risk of blistering –

Padded heel, toe and footbed Hydrostop Usage Guide - S

ealSkinz Hydrostop technology creates a seal between the sock cuff and skin, helping to reduce the amount of water from running down the leg and into the sock. Due to this close bond between sock cuff and skin, we recommend that Hydrostop socks are only used outdoors and not for a prolonged period of time.

Available in Ankle length, Mid Length & Knee length from £35 

Price: £ 35.00