Orbea Rise H30 2022

RISE BEYOND The 2022 Orbea Rise H30 is a machine designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment. Rise brings you nearer the sensation that less “e” delivers more “bike”. Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in MTB. INTENDED FOR BIG RIDES The RS concept provides a great day on the trails because the lighter bike, lower power consumption and of course, the pedal-friendly weight and assistance extends battery life by a factor of over 1.5x.

Like its carbon sister, Rise Aluminum’s power comes from an EP8 RS motor, developed in an exclusive collaboration between Orbea and Shimano. Orbea acted on the motor firmware to offer the most natural and efficient assistance as possible, eliminating drag and power delay that’s typical of conventional ebikes. The motor was also optimized to provide maximum assistance between 75 and 95 strokes per minute, the cadence at which the human body pedals the most efficiently and where we normally pedal our standard mechanical bikes.

This means that the harder we pedal, Rise responds instantly with more power, with a feeling of natural assistance.

SLEEK AND EXPANDABLE In a traditional ebike, displays, sensors, extra wires and large glowing buttons are standard and unavoidable. For us, the option of a traditional, uncluttered machine is a critical aspect of the RS philosophy.

Orbea Rise 2022 H30 Key Features:

Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Fork - 140mm Travel

Fox Float DPS Rear Shock

Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Shimano EP8-RS Motor Orbea RS Internal Battery - 540Wh

Price: £ 3999.00

Was: £ 4899.00