Shimano XTR 1 x 11..Upgrade now

shimano XTR 1 x 11

Thinking of going 1 x 10? Drivetrain worn out? Sram 1 x 11 too expensive? We have a solution...Shimano XTR 1 x 11. £497 buys you cassette, chain, rear mech, RH shifter & a narrow/wide chainring from Raceface all fitted for free. Call now to discuss your options.

Cassette The most noticeable change for the new XTR the jump to an 11 speed cassette, with a range of 11-40 being the only one offered. Actual cogs are: 11-12-15-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40, with an aluminum 40 tooth cog, titanium through the middle, and steel for the last few cogs. All this is attached to a carbon fiber spider and will slide onto a standard Shimano-splined cassette body.

Chain To go with the new cassette is a new chain. The plates are asymmetric to aid shifting, and use a new SIL-TEC surface treatment. SIL-TEC is a super-slick plating process that should keep the ride quiet, the chain wearing longer, and even sheds mud better than previous surface treatments.Shifters Shimano claims the new group offers a 20 percent reduction in shift effort, and the “most responsive mechanical shifting”.

The new shifters utilize ball bearings and a polymer-coated cable to reduce shift effort, and the indexing offers more pronounced feedback. The shifters integrate with the brake levers using a new I-spec II mounting system. The levers are carbon fiber and the cable release lever is reshaped with a wider more textured surface.

Rear Derailleur The 11-speed rear derailleur carries over the technology from the 10 speed group with some tweaks and improvements. The Shadow Plus clutch has a wider range of adjustment, with a easily access external bolt to change the tension. This should allow riders to tune the clutch to the terrain: less tension for smooth trails, more tension for the gnar days.