Ride review of RS Super DL Ultimate Coil shock

Rockshox Deluxe Ultimate coil shock, evil calling, coil shoc

One of our regular rider/customer has just upgraded his Rockshox air shock on his Evil Calling to the Rockshox Coil shock £465. Here's his initial impressions from his first ride on it. Sounds like a winner....

After much thought, watching loads of YouTube, reading the interweb, oh and a sound recommendation from Rowan and Ady from Riveira Bike. I bought a Rock Shox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate to upgrade my tired and badly requiring a service old air can shock. What a difference it’s made to the riding experience of what was already an awesome bike (Evil Calling). Sounds cliche I know, but the ground tracking and small bump absorption is incredible. At full chat there's no “chat” whatsoever, just sublime floaty smooth grip. After last nights ride, I’ve discovered I need to increase the air and rebound in my forks considerably to cope with the additional speed I’m now carrying into corners, rough stuff and jumps.

The only negative allegedly is the weight, an additional lb over the air shock, but with the climb lever flicked I really didn’t notice. Super easy to set up with a preload dial to set the sag, a neat little rebound dial and a low speed compression knob to boot. For those that have lusted after a PUSH 11-6 coil but were put off by the price tag, this is a great alternative at less than half the price. Great service again thanks guys