Revisiting 'The Jedi' at UK Bike Skills

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No matter how long we've been riding there is always room for improvement. In fact, that's the beauty of mountain biking, we're always seeking out new trails & different challenges & that means our skill levels are constantly met, exceeded & challenged. So Simon packed up his Evil Insurgent & headed up to see Tony Doyle aka 'The Jedi' up at his vista in deepest Hertfordshire. Tony has been running UK Bike Skills for over 10 years & both Simon & I have been up to see him to improve our skills.  This time Simon felt he had lost a bit of his mojo over the wet winter period & was yet to rediscover it. Tony immediately got to the root of the problem & was able to work on that over the session leading Simon to rediscovering his 'yeehaa' moments, which is what it's all about. So whether you've been riding 2, 10 or twenty years there's always room for improvement & the best place to start is a coaching session with Tony at UK bike Skills who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk too!