Nirvana Saturday ride 2.3.19

Nirvana saturday ride, mtb ride surrery hill

The weather forecast wasn't great for the day, but it was dry & the sun even made a few appearances. There was a good turnout for the ride & consequently riders of varying abilities but this didn't prove a problem as Simon was able to seperate out the abilities so there was something for everybody. We started at 'Your heads on fire' which was super fun, lots of jumps & drop offs but mostly filled in so if it did go a bit pearshaped all was not lost! We then took in 'Veloria' practising a small step down for the beginner jumpers & the others messing around on the full run. As we carried on Simon & Paul spent a bit of time jumping some natural features we came across en route, Simon on his fat bike & Paul on his hardtail with 27.5+ tyres. Then after building confidence on the smaller stuff we headed over to 'See Stephanie play,' which although a bit scary as it looks quite an intimidating step down both Dan & I (Jackie) managed to master. Meanwhile nearby, Pushpa was managing to conquer 'Ford Pop' for the first time, which is a very intimidating step down, so well done Pushpa. By this time is was time to head back to the shop for some well needed refreshments. What a fun way to spend a morning :-) 

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