'Helping hand' for Saturday ride

bike rides, surrey hill, Danny darko

The weather was great once again, if anything a shower of rain would dampen the dust down a bit. We had a mixture of riders & abilities which always makes the ride fun. We did some fun, tricky, singletrack which some of the riders hadn't seen before. Consequently, there were a few 'long' dabs, with the steepness of the trail it was quite difficult to get going again. Full marks to Prince for the over the bars effort which seemed to be assisted by Dan catching his back wheel then sort of pushing it away! There were mutterings of 'creative' licence & it will look good on film! The ride took in the new 'Danny Darko' jump which is pretty daunting & is a bit out of reach for most rider's at the moment. However, that's what we used to day about 'Donnie'.