Evil Calling review

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Our very own Tony B, rider of all things on two wheels, has done a little review of our demo Evil the Calling. If you'd like to check it out for yourself just give us a call. 

Evil The Calling: 

I've spent a bit of time on the Evil Calling lately to get a real life understanding of it. So yeah, all bikes are capable of doing lots of stuff and some are better than others at certain things and yes all bikes are fun. The Calling falls into a do it all bike but screams fun! It's like that little devil on your shoulder saying yeah do it! We will be fine... And fine we were with massive smiles.

I felt like I was going out to play rather than going for a ride on this bike. I ended up hitting jumps a bit higher and wanting to try new stuff, the bike has great pop and turns better than any bike I've ever ridden. This bike had a big surprise in store for me though, the traction yeah the traction is on another level, I held lines that I've never done before and it floated over fast rooty sections and felt like it had a lot more travel than 130 mm.

For a short travel bike & with the basic GX build it's a the lightest out there, but that's because it's aimed at hard riding so built to take it. This bike excels in singletrack, gets you to the top of the hill with a smile & then smashes it on the descents.

Evil bikes do well in all tests & in some reviews bike of the year or even decade https://www.forbes.com/sites/robreed/2018/08/13/mountain-bike-of-the-decade-the-following-by-evil-bikes/#48abfb7a47d7

So if you want to have some Evil in your life, listen to The Calling coz by my Wreckoning you won't be Following your friends down trails...you'll be leading them.

Frame only £2850 GX build £5225, XO1 Eagle £7045 (shock options available)