Bosch service centre

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We are now a Bosch UK service centre & can carry out full diagnostics on Bosch motors. 

As a Bosch UK service center we have all software update equipment to update all Bosch eBike Systems 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015+. The beauty of the Bosch system is that it can be updated, so for example in a few years time, Bosch bring out new features / functions, there's no need to buy a new eBike, simply update it! From time to time Bosch also release Bug fixes, that although may have gone un-noticed on your eBike, it can also prevent any future issues. Charge £25 NB. If you have bought an electric bike from us, this service is FREE OF CHARGE (proof of sale invoice needed) If not £25

If your Bosch eBIke has developed a fault, or is producing error codes we can access the firmware and find out exactly where the fault lies. Saving valuable time to get you back on your way quickly. This can also be handy for anyone buying / selling their Bosch powered eBike. We can use this service to run off a diagnostics report and provide a print out of the eBike's history. This includes about 50 different parameters. Here are a few: Manufactured Date, Frame / Electrical Serial Numbers, Total Battery Charge Cycles, Current Capacity, Maximum Battery Temperature, Previous Faults etc etc. This is a really usefull tool for sellers as they can actually prove the history of the electric bike to potential buyers increasing interest and possibly even the price of their eBike charge £25. NB If you have bought an eBike from us, this service is FREE OF CHARGE (proof of sale invoice needed) Please Note: This service is to diagnose faults only, the fault can then be rectified by us on your request at extra charge