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Simon & I have just spent a pleasent few days at the Peebles Hydro Hotel in Peebles, Scotland courtesy of Hotlines UK being introduced to their range of bikes for 2019. Niner, Ghost bikes, NS Bikes, Nukeproof, Willier, Rondo, Fuji, Ragley & Lynskey make up the full range, which is why it is was worth the journey to the other end of the country. However, our primary reason for attending was to check out the Niner's which are a new addition to Hotlines' stable. Niner have primarily been a 29er bike brand, based in Colorado they were one of the first companies to really get the 29er geometry dialled in, to give you a fun ride as well as the momentum riding which 29" wheeled bike bring. Their new full suspension bikes, a mixture of carbon & aluminium, are now 27.5+ or 29" compatible which opens up a whole new world of possiblilities. They also have a range of gravel bikes & hardtails in numerous configurations. For full details visit their website


Gravel bikes were the talk of the show & some of them look stunning. What's the difference between Gravel & Cross bikes I hear you ask? From my understanding, Gravel bikes are a do all bike, road & off road with the geometry of the bike less aggressive on the Gravel bike & some can now accommodate 27.5 tyres. NS bikes had the Rag + which offered this option. 

Other highlights of the show were Ragley have revemped their range of their bikes & Lynskey have brought out a 27.5+ titanium hardtail in conjunction with Hotlines for UK conditions called The Bootleg. as I ride the 26" version of this bike, The Ridgeline LT & absolutely love it I am very tempted by the latest incarnation. 

Day 1 of the show was checking out all the range of bikes. Day 2 was ride day straight out of the hotel into the mountains of Glentress. I was unable to ride as my body was still recovering from a recent fall, but this turned out to be quite fortuitous as the climb up from the hotel into the forest was at least 30mins long! So luckily Simon was able to take up the cudgel & sacrifice himself for the cause..... He started off on Niner Jet 9 RDO 120mm, which is the carbon version & with 130mm up front & 120mm rear more of an XC version. He then switched out to the Rip 9 RDO 150mm version which is more all mountain. They both come with Niner's patented CVA suspension design  (constant varying arc) which isolates pedalling forces & roughly means what you put in is what you get out. Obviously, they both rode great, in all honesty it's hard to find a bad bike nowadays, so much of it comes down to what you like the look of individually & which geometry & suspension suits your riding style. We can't wait to get them in the Surrey Hills & give them a try. 

The Peebles Hydro Hotel, Cool Hotel with it's own brewery & Gin palace.......


Many thanks to the guys at Hotlines UK, Illy, Ed, Andy Mc, Warranty Steve, Steve & Rob & all the bike brands for their time & efforts in showing us their brands. 

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